Breast lift

(Mastopexy, Mammaplasty)

This operation is recommended for women with mammary ptosis which developes consequent to physiological phenomena such as aging of the skin tissue and consequently the displacement of the nipple downwords from the normal position.

Female bosom has always been a symbol of the beauty and womanhood. Therefore, no wonder its shape, symmetry and size influences the psychics of woman in case some deviation occurs in the point of view of her or her surrounding.


In the course of life, due to hormonal changes, pregnancy and nursing, bosom gradually falls and the gland more or less reduces. This development cannot be influenced in any other way than in a surgical one. In case the bosom substantially falls, its shape can be improved by an operation called as mammaplasty (mamma -breast). This type of operation brings very good visual results, however, the results are paid by scars necessary for reduction of excess skin. However, in the course of time the scars grow pale, disappear, becoming less conspicuous. Their quality and resulting aesthetic effect are individual. In case of a significant mamma gland decrease, the mammaplasty can be extended by additional volume by the means of silicon implants. On the contrary, if the breast is too large, it is suitable to perform a mamma gland reduction. An optimum age limit for operation performance is variable. Generally, we recommend to address a bosom size and shape only when a woman does not plan any other pregnancy, since pregnancy and breast-feeding cause volume changes, which can be of adverse impact even on a good operation result. On the other hand, in case the patient does not plan any pregnancy in the nearest years, the respective operation can be performed upon her request already before. However, there is still a risk she will be not able to nurse, especially with regard to a sufficient amount of breast milk since an interference in a mamma gland during bosom modelling is mostly necessary. A personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the very first and important step. It is necessary to evaluate problems concerning the bosom shape and size, and, especially, motivation and potentially also psychic reasons causing a patient starts to think about an operation. Every operation is individually specific, and, therefore, also the approach of the surgeon to the patient is individual. Of course, a good health condition is a vital precondition.


The Operation and Post-operation Term

The operation is made under general anaesthesia and it takes about 2 or 3 hours as required. Several procedures are available for the performance of such operation. It depends on the type of bosom and required extent of modelling. Almost always, scars stay around mamma area, in a vertical downward direction towards below breast fissure and complete length of the below breast fissure. The whole scar forms a shape of something like anchors on the breast . On the next day following the operation, jelly bandage is replaced, drains are removed, and. provided the operation wound and complete condition are good, the patient can be released to home treatment. During the initial days after the operation, it is necessary to keep a rest regime without any physical load. On the 3rd or 4th day after the operation, the patient comes for the bandage to be replaced. At the 7th to l0th day after the operation, the patient comes for another bandage replacement and stitches removal. At the same time, her surgeon informs her about scar: pressure massages. After such performance, the patient should wear elastic bra of a sport type.