This operation corrects imperfection or signs of age in the face and neck (like sagging skin and wrinkels). During the operation excessive skin is removed and the face generaly looks younger after the operation.

Rozsah kožního nadbytku a průběh řezu

The face and neck lifting solves the problems related to the ageing symptoms, If it is necessary to perform also operation of eye lids, we recommend it to be made only after the face lifting. A maximum effect can be achieved if an operation is made in an optimum age range with respect to the type of face, skin quality and elasticity. A personal consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon is the very first and important step. A good precondition for successful operation performance is a good health condition determining the upper age limit for that operation. The operation removes excess skin on the neck and face and partial smoothing of some wrinkles. However, it should be noticed the wrinkles are caused by mimic muscles at every person individually, and therefore it is not possible to remove by operation permanently soft perpendicular wrinkles on upper and lower lips, and as for forehead wrinkles, they cannot be influenced by such operation at all. An operation cannot stop the ageing process, however, it can postpone its symptoms by several years, after which such operation can be repeated.

Preparace a uvolnění kůže obličeje

The operation is made under a combination of local and complete anaesthesia. An operation cut is made from the hairy part of the temporal region in the downward direction before the auricle and along the auricle of ear to the fissure behind the auricle and in a back direction to the hair.

The skin is released in an indicated extent from the base, whose excess is removed, and structures laid in the subcutis are tensioned. The first bandage replacement is made on the next morning following an operation before releasing the patient to home treatment. Until the bandage removal (the 4th or 5th day after the operation), a rest regime is required in order to reduce the risk of post-operation bleeding and face swelling. A face or eye lid swelling is best seen only on the third or fourth day after operation and it is a normal post-operation symptom as well as blood suffusions on neck or lower eye lids. After the bandage removal, hair should be washed, and then the healing continues without bandage, with regular fair showering once a day. We recommend the face to be protected by a scarf at night. Next examinations and bandage replacements are made in an interval of three to five days, when stitches are removed gradually up to the l0th to 14th day after operation. In case of any subjective difficulties (strong pain, pressure) or any complication (fever, bleeding with bandage penetration, we require the patient to appear as soon as possible at the department. The recovery is individual and depends mostly on individual body healing abilities. The feelings of tension and sensitivity disturbance in operated areas are common accompanying symptoms and they should be stabilized after several weeks.

SMAS lifting a odstranění kožního nadby

The patient is expected to set such conditions for a period of several days after her operation in order to be able, in case of any subjective problems or complication, to come as soon as possible for examination to our department. The data presented is based on a common post-operation course. However, the recovery is an individual process depending not only on healing abilities of every individual body, but also on every patient's conscientiousness. A positive operation result and mutual satisfaction is in your interest as well as in ours. Mutual trust and co-operation of the patient with the surgeon is a vital precondition.